Patrik Proško


site-specific intervention, 3x2x2m, alluvium

Michamvi Kae, Zanzibar, Tanzania



On the endless beaches of Zanzibar, the surrounding reefs are literally strewn with various kinds of fabrics and fabrics, which are caught behind the sharp protrusions of corals. There are remnants of fishing nets, cloth bags, various clothes, jute bags, covering sails, etc. to be found. However, plastic bags are not to be found here. These have been banned in Zanzibar, together with light plastic products, since 2006, so the cliffs have only been partially covered. So I cleaned the rocks from all sorts of fabrics within a radius of about 100 meters and did it properly. On one of the independently advanced fragments of a coral reef, I created one solid layer of alluvium. I caught them behind the sharp protrusions just as the sea does. However, the coral fragment is a very interesting natural phenomenon. A tree sprinkled with green leaves grows on it. So a tree obviously living, even if there is not a single grain of soil on that stone. It is an island in the middle of a sandy beach with the tenacity of life on the verge of believability. The whole layer of fabrics that will cover the entire coast in a few years will not look as inappropriate as this in the future, which now creates the absurdly surreal impression that living bonsai grows from the island of rags. An absurdly surreal impression becomes a reality. I had to create the installation at low tide and clean it up before the tide came again. I then took everything to the mainland so that it would not get back into the sea. It is such a very temporary tribute to Christo