Patrik Proško

A Secondary Dominant

Morphology painting with expanding foam



A Secondary Dominant

Sometimes when we are trying to convey an idea in our work, it just so happens that this idea gets overshadowed by a side effect which we did not account for, or even less expected it to become dominant. It tends to be a frequent phenomenon during the translation of anything from the realm of ideas into the material realm or into practice in any domain, not just in art. I do not mean that side effects always tend to become dominant, but rather that matter has distorting qualities and that practice is something which tests an idea in reality. That is also the reason why I think that conceptualists, for example, use matter only in a small measure – because they are content with using just text in which they can convey their idea more precisely – and why politicians keep on making new and new amendments – because practice has showed them that the amount, or the dominance, of side effects overshadows the initial idea of the original law. On the other hand, matter and practice, in contrast to theory, open up new communication channels and layers of interpretation. It is then only a matter of how we learn to use them.