Patrik Proško


Timelapse painting, 5 x 4 m, biodegradable paint

Odessa, Hribovka, Ukraine



This painting took three days to complete. While scouting around a ruin of a house at the coast, I noticed sunlight shining through one of its windows, drawing the shape of the window on the floor. I took note of the time, it was 13:48. I found east and west on the compass and figured that the sunlight should first move across the wall in the morning and then move into the area in front of the window, but not any further. I returned in the afternoon, at 16:00, and found that not only was it staying in the delineated space in front of the window, but that another window had joined it from around the corner, creating a light multiplication effect. The next day, at 10:05, I went to check how the sunlight moved and it really did move across the wall, too. Only the day after did I pick all my stuff and went on to continue the process of the multiplication of the light print. I picked which ones I was going to paint and which ones I was going to let pass, while planning to return the next day to take a picture, so I let one phase pass completely – the one which was supposed to supplement the painting with the light print. I was making my finishing touches on the painting on the third day with the occasional picture-taking, when the individual shapes became nicely divided from each other and the original light source shone over them, creating an impression of layering of the painting in space, and at the same time of there being multiple light-sources. I followed the light and I painted it.