Patrik Proško


Installation, 2 x 1.5 m

Natural Reserve Choltická obora



“When I was a little boy, I would often play with my friends in the woods. We would build bunkers and various hideouts and make bonfires to roast potatoes and sausages. The trees were decorated with junk, and we had beaten little trails in the grain that led to the haystacks. We were basically creating our own world with our own rules. I still haven’t grown out of this.” One-day sculpture installations based around the principle of pressure moulding. A frozen moment in the physical process of compression and flexibility. Shapes of exact spheres being deformed at the contact with the crammed inner spaces of trees, only so that they could return to their original shape. Thousand-year-old oak trees as the supporting shapes of sculptures, and expansion as a sculpting process. A genius loci of a one-day invasion of self-realization into nature.