Patrik Proško


Intervention, 200 x 30cm, fallen plaster and biological paint

Hrybovka, Odessa, Ukraine



If we want to start doing something new, we first need to stop doing something old. Cessation makes room for creation, and that also applies to whenever we try to rebuild something old, despite knowing it will never be like before. While scouting around a ruined house at the coast, I noticed a two-meter-long plate of plaster falling from a pillar in one single piece. It shattered on the ground in a way that made it possible for me to trace back where each splinter used to be on the pillar. I reconstructed this mosaic, put it back to where it once was, and painted it white so that it looked like new, thus creating a combination of the new and the old, the decaying and the reconstructed, the intentional and the useless.