Patrik Proško


Landscape painting, 80 x 7 m, biodegradable paint Creativ C2005 with a certificate of ecological harmlessness

France, Corsica



In the mountains of Corsica, I discovered a dried-up riverbed full of boulders, which runs into the Ligurian Sea. The river was not there anymore, only a path was left of it. A dead path without any water, but still a path leading to a place teeming with life – into the sea. The riverbed became my canvas for making the water which created it present again. I painted onto it a living legacy of its currents which once flowed through there and which disappear into the sea, just like the river once disappeared. Thus, I brought the past into the present, and in this parallel I see that who we are today is determined by which paths we walked yesterday, but tomorrow we are going to be someone else again and our yesterday’s self will disappear. Only the path we have decided to take is what remains of us, lined by our deeds which become its map. It is said that the goal is not important and that the one who dares to go further than others will find out how far he or she can truly go. Is there a place teeming with life at the end of our path as well?