Patrik Proško


site-specific intervention, canvas 3x3x3m

Miwaleni, Moshi, Tanzania



They are four pieces of canvas switched off between the branches of a tree, the cut-out of which is the main motif on the canvas. The remaining parts of the canvas are painted with the shade of the surrounding trees and the sun's rays. The painting canvas usually switches to the frame, which makes it ready for subsequent painting. In this case, the canvas is turned off directly into its motif from the correct angle of view, from which the canvas forms a rectangular square, which was also the most challenging part of the work. Find the contact corners for each part of the canvas in the branch tree and connect them into a square. And just as the painting canvas is unadjusted from behind and looks at the resulting painting only from the front, so here too the installation is subject to a front view. Landscape painting is an approach in which the painting itself did not take place using the classical technique.