Patrik Proško

Interspace II

Painting on a bulldozer, I. Phase

Andalusia, Nerja, Spain


Interspace II

The opposite principle of spatial mystification achieved through an external contouring of the objects, which suppresses shapes and causes them to fall into the object when it is viewed from one particular angle. From there the white line catches the attention of the retina to such a degree that an effect of flattening of shapes is produced inside the object, and with it a flattened cut-out of the object begins to stand out from the surrounding spatial reality. Thanks to the external contouring we begin to perceive the inner shapes more with our peripheral vision, making them seem blurred. Following up on the series of internal contouring, in which all shapes of the object are highlighted with white lines, here the highlight focuses only on the outer shape viewed only from a certain perspective, which brings us to the very frontier of our spatial vision. All visual artistic techniques are based either on a 2D approach with a simulation of 3D space, or on the creation of 3D objects in 3D reality, or occasionally on illusionary, anamorphous 3D objects with a simulation of 2D space, like this one is. “The question still remains: are we capable of seeing only in these two dimensions, or are we able to move on a certain scale between them just as we are able to move on a scale between dreaming and being awake in the different phases of sleep? In other words, are our eyes, or rather our brains, capable of seeing in, for example, 2.5D and how would we approach displaying 2.5D visuals without having to rely on some kind of effect or optical illusion?”