Patrik Proško

Cubic Sector

Snow plastic, 2 x 2 m

Prague, Letňany


Cubic Sector

A square cut-out of fluffy, freshly fallen snow condensed into the shape of a cube placed on a tree trunk growing out of the centre of the square cut-out and forming the central intersection point of this geometrical space. The cube, made from the same material as the background, optically interjects with this intersection with a new material equation in which everything is in balance. ‘Cubic Sector’ follows up loosely on the previous work ‘The Last Piece’ in which I concerned myself with matter and its transformation from its original form to a new one. In the sense of visual perception and the transformation of the artwork’s idea throughout its realisation, it is an ambivalent form. A form somewhere between two- and three-dimensional space. One could say that it is a transformation of a two-dimensional square into a three-dimensional cube using the material taken from the area of the square. However, everything contained in material reality is three-dimensional and has its depth, height, and width. Even this seemingly two-dimensional area of the square is, in fact, a three-dimensional plate of 200 x 200 x 52 cm which I turned into the cube of 28 x 28 x 28 cm which is exactly the size corresponding to the amount of material taken from the square plate after subtracting the diameter of the trunk – because that is how much snow had fallen on that day. The boundary between two- and three-dimensional reality is, thus, very unclear because even paper is material and all that is applied onto it (the image) is matter. And that is why I perceive the two-dimensional world as merely illusory, or as a type of illusionary projection. In the moment when I perceive matter as a kind of energy, even digital data transmitted in ether, or information transferred by neurons in the brain, are material.