Patrik Proško

Landscape Painting

Painting on a waste dump, 20 x 30 m, biodegradable paint Creativ C2005 with a certificate of ecological harmlessness



Landscape Painting

Landscape art, as the artistic depiction of natural scenery, is an autonomous artistic branch with roots going back to 16th century Holland. In prehistoric and ancient times, all attention was dedicated to depicting the human or the animal and situating their image into a so-called “landscape frame”, meaning only the most necessary cut-out image of the surrounding area. In the early Middle Ages, art served religion and landscapes were practically never depicted, or only secondarily. Landscape art, as we know it, appeared later with the development of perspective and composition during the Renaissance. From the Baroque period and onward landscape art flourished: realist, romantic, dramatic, expressive, impressionist, photorealist, industrial, abstract, and so on, until today. “Thanks to this tradition, whenever we hear the words ‘landscape art’ we picture an image of a landscape painted on a canvas or a board rather than anything else. I am trying to extend this tradition with the technique of painting right onto the landscape – or rather a technique of temporary painting inside the landscape, which becomes a thematic part of the artwork, and, at the same time, its own gallery space.”